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About Us


​Following new trends and honoring long lasting traditions, it is our mandate to bring only the worthiest wine's and spirits from around the world to the Ontario market place. We have an intimate understanding of the needs and requirements in relation to the restaurant dynamic.​

With 30 years of wine and restaurant experience behind us, we are confident in our ability to bring wines of great quality and value that, in turn, will lead to a greater dining experience for the diner and a better bottom line for restaurants and businesses.

We will analyze your wine & spirits needs and only recommend drinks that will fit right into your program.​​

Danny Sanelli

It is my passion and love for wine and hospitality that has led me to where I am now. The wines we represent are selected at the source, through intimate relationships with the producers, along with the strength of character and superior quality of the wines. ​It is our commitment to our valued customers to deliver reliable service, support, and satisfaction
President, Danny Sanelli

Our Partner

In 2022 we have strategically entered into a partnership with Speducci Mercatto to elevate our reach.

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